BACS envisions a world where all people are healthy, safe, and engaged in community wellness.

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You Can Solve a Community Crisis

Individual needs when BACS was founded in 1953 – like help with housing or mental health care – have become community crises today. Healthcare and housing are systemically hard to access, and we see the results on our streets every day.

BACS stays on the front lines – responding to new needs as they emerge – piloting innovating solutions to change – and combining 70 years of wisdom with the most modern data tools to make your donation go as far as possible and do the most good.

By donating to BACS, you invest in local solutions to local challenges.

See success stories from this year – and help make them possible for the thousands of people BACS will help in 2023.

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Our mission is to uplift under-served individuals and their families by doing whatever it takes.