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BACS adds nearly 100 new units of housing to end homelessness

Nearly 100 neighbors in Oakland and Berkeley – currently living on the street or in emergency housing – will soon have permanent, private, and dignified housing thanks to two Homekey awards for BACS projects: Golden Bear Homes and Piedmont Place.

“Today, right now, you have neighbors on the street. Community members who are not different, they are just not housed. And thanks to this historic investment, there will be 89 fewer neighbors who are outdoors instead of indoors,” said Jamie Almanza, MBA, BACS CEO. “The BACS magic is blended housing and supportive services, rooted in expertise built across 70 years of doing whatever it takes to solve seemingly impossible problems.”

This is the result of community advocates making their voices heard at neighborhood gatherings and city council meetings; of individual neighbors signing up to donate and volunteer before the sites even open; of Governor Newsom’s leadership in creating and funding the Homekey initiative; of California taxpayers for making such bold initiatives possible; and of local Oakland and Berkeley leadership for making this dream come true.

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