BACS envisions strong neighborhoods where everyone is healthy and has an abundance of resources, meaningful relationships, and a place they call home.

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2023 Annual Report

To the #WhateverItTakes community:

We’re excited to unveil our Annual Report, highlighting the powerful outcomes achieved by our team, volunteers, donors, funders, partners, and community advocates.

Our #WhateverItTakes ethos is a celebration of the work documented in these pages. We celebrate the sheer number of people we have served and their achievements of health, wellness, and housing. We celebrate our phenomenal efficiency, delivering one of the most effective and low-overhead interventions in our ecosystem, ensuring that more funds go directly to the streets. We celebrate our role as a significant employer in Northern California, supporting colleagues who wake up every day to do #WhateverItTakes. These are the very people you would want to care for your loved ones or yourself in times of tremendous need.

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Our mission is to uplift individuals, families, and communities by doing “whatever it takes.”