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Nobody Wants to be Homeless – So We’re Buying a House a Year to End Homelessness

BACS is stepping up to the plate to end homelessness. Some affordable housing projects are taking up to 10 years before move in, & can cost up to $600k per studio apartment built. We cannot afford to wait 10 years.

BACS committed to buying ‘a house a year’ to end homelessness. We buy homes where the entirety of a six-bedroom house costs less than a newly built affordable housing studio, and are ready to move people in within 30 days – not 10 years.

We are opening up opportunities for a sponsor to name the house and leave a lasting legacy. Individuals, families, corporations, and foundations are invited to donate $100,000 or more to have a house named in their honor – and permanently end homelessness for 6 or more people. Contact us to learn more.

In the last 6 months, BACS bought two houses – permanently ending homelessness for 14 people, who are all living with complex mental health issues. Every year, BACS’ houses keep over 100 people off the streets, with ongoing mental health services included. Our housing is embedded in the community, and allows clients to share in cooking & other house activities while still having their own bedroom, preventing isolation.

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Our mission is to uplift under-served individuals and their families by doing whatever it takes.