Crisis Residential Program at
Woodroe Place


Chronically mentally ill people often experience periods of relative wellness followed by periods of decompensation and distress. Individuals may be only marginally well enough to manage their medication, and treatments that once worked may later fail.

Woodroe Place provides short-term residential psychiatric services in a highly structured setting designed to meet the treatment needs of severely mentally ill individuals who require 24-hour supervision. 

The program, located in Hayward, can accommodate 12 individuals for a period of 2-4 weeks each. All residents have a history of mental illness and are admitted on a voluntary basis, by referral from in-patient psychiatric hospitals or community agencies.

With staff assistance, each resident develops an individual plan for regaining stability. Residents learn how to:

  • Manage symptoms of illness

  • Monitor medication

  • Maintain personal hygiene

  • Stay clean and sober

  • Resolve life’s daily conflicts

  • Access community resources

Each plan contains a structured process for using personal and community support systems to stay on track and maintain independence.

For more information, please contact the Crisis Residential Program.

Sarah is a 44-year-old diagnosed with schizophrenia. She is an active member of her local Wellness Center, and she manages her illness responsibly.

But lately, Sarah can’t seem to stay on track. Medication changes aren’t working, her thoughts are disorganized, and she’s making unsafe choices in her life.

Sarah could have been hospitalized, but her Case Manager was able to place her in BACS’ crisis residential program.